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Almost three years ago, in the Hebrew year 5774 (or 2013), I had more or less just started learning about Judaism and was still touching on the basics of each topic. Rosh Hashana had just ended and I was speaking with a friend about it, when she suddenly said, “I’m sad because Yom Kippur is on a Shabbos this year.”

“What’s the difference?” I asked. “Yom Kippur is one of those holidays that’s like Shabbos anyway, right? So you still can’t do all the things you can’t do on Shabbos anyway.”

“Yeah,” she conceded. “But it’s just different. It’s missing a Shabbos and having to wait a whole other week for it.”

In truth, I still didn’t understand the problem. Shabbos was every week. What was the big deal about missing one? But I decided to stop pushing the issue, it was probably something that was just beyond me to…

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